Reviewed April 2009,  Reviewed March 2017
ARTICLE I. Purposes

The National Association of Speech and Hearing Centers (formerly The Independent Not-for-Profit Network, aka INN, and Network of Independent Not-for-Profit Speech and Hearing Centers) is an association of service delivery speech and hearing facilities that are not-for-profit and free standing. Not-for-profit is defined as an organization that holds a letter of 501 (c) (3) status from the United States Internal Revenue Service. Free standing is defined as a separate corporation with its own governing body and is not a part of any other corporate entity. Member organizations have elected to bind themselves together for the good of the group as well as the individual. Areas of cooperation shall include but are not limited to the following: (a) Inter-program cooperation and exchange (b) Information exchange (c) Professional education (d) Public Education and others as deemed necessary by the membership.

ARTICLE II. Membership

Membership in the Association shall be limited to free standing, not-for-profit speech and hearing service providers. The agency must be represented by the Chief Executive Officer of the membership organization. No other representatives of the member organization shall be allowed to attend meetings of the Association. Election to the Association shall be upon determination of the existing prerequisites upon application to the membership. If a member organization changes its status and no longer meets the Association prerequisites, membership must be forfeited.

Membership in the Association also requires that the member agency agree to adhere to a set of Accreditation Standards adopted by the members. Agreement to this list of standards helps to ensure quality of services and adherence to certain legal requirements for non-profit organizations. The initial membership accreditation document must be signed by the Chief Executive Officer and the agency’s Board President, and must be submitted for election to membership.

ARTICLE III. Governance

The governing body of the Association shall be comprised of the membership. Officers shall be elected at the Association’s fall meeting and shall serve three-year terms. Officers shall be accredited members in good standing. The Officers shall consist of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. These four individuals shall constitute the Executive Committee.

Should any Officer be unable to serve the full term, the Chair may appoint an interim Officer until elections are held at the next Association meeting. Should the Chair be unable to fulfill a term, the Vice Chair shall act as interim Chair until special elections are held at the next Association meeting.

Officer Functions:

1. The Chair shall exercise the usual executive powers pertaining to the office and is responsible for overall leadership of the Association. The Chair shall ensure the continuous operation of the Association, preside at all regular meetings of the Association, oversee the planning of meetings, call special meetings of the Association, appoint Chairs of and members of all committees, promote membership, and ensure member compliance with accreditation.

2. The Vice Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair in the event of absence, assist the Chair as requested, and work on appropriate operational issues as they arise.

3. The Secretary shall keep permanent records and minutes of all meetings of the Association and membership meetings. Minutes of all meetings shall be shared with all members.

4. The Treasurer shall prepare the organization’s annual budget, collect and record membership dues and accreditation fees, and keep and distribute the funds of the Association subject to the approval of the membership. A current financial statement shall be presented at all meetings of the Association and the membership.

ARTICLE IV. Voting and Elections

Elections to office shall be on majority vote of the members of the Association at a regular meeting. A quorum shall consist of 12 members. A majority vote is required for action.

ARTICLE V. Meetings

Meetings shall be held at the convenience of the membership, normally two per year. The meeting host member organization, under the direction of the Chair, shall be responsible for arranging accommodations and the program, according to guidelines established by the membership.


Dues shall be set by the membership and reviewed on an annual basis. The fiscal year is the calendar year. Dues are payable within thirty days of the dues notice and membership is contingent upon payment of annual dues. With each dues renewal, the Chief Executive Officer of the member agency must attest that the agency continues to meet the accreditation standards and membership requirements.

ARTICLE VII. Committees

Committees necessary to the operation of the Association shall be determined by the membership.

ARTICLE VIII. Amendments

Bylaws may be amended at any time on a two-thirds vote of the membership present at the meeting. Proposed changes to the Bylaws will be posted on the website thirty days prior to the semi-annual business meeting.

ARTICLE IX. Bylaws Review

The Bylaws shall be reviewed at a minimum of three-year intervals, to coincide with the election of new officers or at any other time deemed necessary by the group.