Members of the National Association of Speech and Hearing Centers benefit from peer networking, forum discussions, ability to attend conferences and more.
The NASHC group began in 1986 with a group of 4 Executive Directors in Lynchburg, Virginia. It was originally called “INN”—Independent Not-For-Profit Network. The name was changed to National Association of Speech and Hearing Centers in 1998.
Currently there are approximately 45 members. Annual dues are $150. By-laws are in place and officers are elected for 3-year terms.
The current NASHC members hail from all across the United States, creating a vast network of speech and hearing professionals.


The NASHC speech and hearing industry network

Forum discussion with your peers

Access to educational industry information

Conference information and events

If you are a member of a 501(c)3 organization in the speech and hearing industry, you may be eligible for membership to NASHC. Join today!

Our Current Members

Alburquerque Speech and Hearing Center
Blue Ridge Speech & Hearing Center of Loudoun County, Inc
Bristol Regional Speech and Hearing Center, Inc
Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center
Center for Early Intervention on Deafness
Center for Hearing and Communication
Center for Hearing and Speech
Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center
Charlotte Speech and Hearing Center
Children’s Speech and Reading Center
Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center
Columbus Speech and Hearing Center
Danville Speech and Hearing Center
Delaware Speech and Hearing Center
Emerge Center for Communication, Behavior and Development
Hear Center
Hear Indiana
Hearing & Speech Center of Northern California
Hearing and Speech Agency
Hearing and Speech Center of FL
Hearing Speech and Deaf Center of Greater Cincinnati
Hearing, Speech and Deafness Center

Hearts for Hearing
Heuser Hearing Institute of Kentucky
Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center
Lexington Hearing & Speech Center
Looper Speech and Hearing Center
Marion Downs Center
Mountain Region Speech and Hearing Center
New Orleans Speech and Hearing Center
Northeast Georgia Speech Center, Inc.
Northeast Hearing and Speech Center, Inc.
Pee Dee Speech & Hearing Center
Providence Speech and Hearing Center
Roanoke Valley Speech & Hearing Center, Inc
Rochester Hearing and Speech Center
Savannah Speech and Hearing Center
The Center for Hearing and Speech
The Speech and Hearing Center

Across the U.S.

The current NASHC members hail from all across the United States, creating a vast network of speech and hearing professionals.

Would you like to become a member?



Renee Davis, Chair

Shannon Tucker, Vice Chair

 Charlotte Fosque, Secretary

Beth McIntosh, Treasurer



David Narburgh, Chair Mitch Carnell, Vice Chair Betty Marshall, Secretary Andrea Hope, Treasurer


DrickHeitman, Chair Howell Hathorne, Vice Chair Diane Maleski, Secretary Diane Brower, Treasurer


Mitch Carnell, Chair Judyth Tinsley, Vice Chair Lesley Jernigan, Secretary Guy Millis, Treasurer


Lesley Jernigan, Chair Janet Maher, Vice Chair Annette Wimberly, Secretary Guy Millis, Treasurer


Janet Maher, Chair Susan Glasgow, Vice Chair Jill Wayne, Secretary Mary Poulin, Treasurer


Jill Wayne, Chair Susan Glasgow, Vice Chair Lillian Poms, Secretary Mary Poulin, Treasurer


Susan Glasgow, Chair Susie Burdick, Vice Chair Gay Ratcliff, Secretary Beth Larrimore, Treasurer


Susie Burdick, Chair Joe Cozzo, Vice Chair Renee Davis, Secretary Beth Larrimore, Treasurer


Joe Cozzo, Chair Kathie Edwards, Vice Chair (2013-14) Kathie Edwards, Secretary Beth Larrimore, Treasurer
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