Membership Standards

National Association of Speech & Hearing Centers




Organization has been established and continues to operate for the purpose of being of service to the community.

  1. Members must operate as Not-For-Profit Organizations. (For profit activities are permissible as long as they are properly incorporated and operate subject to the oversight of the not-for-profit parent organization.)
  2. The Mission, Values and Goals of each organization must be available to the public.
  3. Each facility should strive to provide opportunities for Clinical Fellows and Graduate Internships. Additionally, support of local or regional academic programs and research is encouraged.

Policy & Procedures Required for Membership

  1. Patient/Customer Grievance Policy
  2. Health & Safety/Infection Control/ADA Compliance
  3. CFY/Graduate Clinician Supervision Policy
  4. Administrative Policy
  5. Non-Discrimination/Equal Opportunity Policy
  6. Patient Confidentiality Policy
  7. Continuing Education Policy (must meet state standards)

Records/Equipment/Maintenance of Materials

  1. Patient charts must be maintained in accordance with local policy.
  2. Maintenance of equipment must meet state standards
  3. Each organization must have an approved annual budget and be audited annually by an independent auditor.

Quality Assurance (Policy Requirements)

  1. Frequency of Patient Treatment Review
  2. Procedures
  3. Documentation
  4. Follow-up for Deficiencies


  1. Job descriptions are required for all full-time employees.
  2. Reference checks are required for all new employees.
  3. Credentials are to be verified annually.
  4. Clinicians are required to follow ASHA clinical practice Code of Ethics.


Notification of Membership

The current President of NASHC has the responsibility of providing notification of  membership to the requesting member within two weeks of the completed application.  Should the President feel that a reason exists to deny membership, the executive committee of the NASHC must concur by majority vote.  When a requesting member has been notified of non- membership, they are eligible to re-apply after 90 days have elapsed and any deficiencies have been corrected.


Policy Standard

It is the intent of NASHC to encourage the sharing of policy, procedure and protocol to facilitate the membership process.  Members are encouraged to work together to standardize policy, procedure and protocol for the benefit of the patients we serve.

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