Who is NASHC?

We are a consortium of freestanding, not-for-profit community speech and hearing centers that was founded to provide a forum to share information and ideas.

NASHC is a unique opportunity to consult with, ask questions of, and share ideas with executives in other not-for-profit speech and hear centers across the country. While The “member” of NASHC is the organization itself, it is the Executive Director/CEO/President who is the participant. NASHC has grown to be a close-knit, loyal group who supports each other throughout the year.

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Conferences are held twice each year, spring and fall, and are hosted by one of the members. Because members are located throughout the United States, efforts are made to hold conferences in different locations each year (east, west, south, and central). Conferences are two days and cover topics such as l education and information pertinent to the speech and hearing field l governance l management, and l fundraising. There is a short business meeting as well as time for networking and exchange of ideas.

Become a Member

Members of the National Association of Speech and Hearing Centers benefit from peer networking, forum discussions, ability to attend conferences and more.

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